22 May 2010

What is Service of Process?

Legal process in the United States necessitates that each person who has been accused or is being sued ought to be given notice of any legal actions being taken against them in a court of law. Process serving is an essential part of the Due Process of Law.

The rules of civil procedure that govern the service of process vary from one state to another. Therefore it is important that one finds out what the law in there state is in regard to the Rules that govern the service of process.

In most cases individuals are given notice of actions being taken against them or court trials in which they are mentioned via the servings of official court papers such as summons, injunction, subpoenas, order to show cause, and writs.

For example, one type of service of process is referred to as substituted service. This legal process of service is achieved when the legal papers are delivered and left with an adult resident in the residential address of the mentioned party, or left at the hands of supervisory level members of staff at their registered business address. There are also situations when mailing the legal document via registered mail [so as to have a certified mail copy and delivery note] to an established institution is an acknowledged process of service.

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