25 July 2014

Process Serving inside Jails and Prisons in San Diego County

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We often receives calls in San Diego for service of process on our local Jails and Prisons. Sometimes this can be an inmate, an individual who works at the prison or jail or often the entity itself. These types of services are often somewhat complicated, because of the nature of the institution. We have a flat rate for these types of services and each institution is different so please contact us directly for more information on pricing.

Difficulties we normally encounter with these institutions vary, but one example of a problem a server recently ran into was while serving at the Central Jail in downtown San Diego. He was serving a divorce on an individual that was only to be incarcerated for a short period of time. The client had informed us that she had been trying to serve him for some time, but had been unable to on the outside as he had not been living for very long at any location. Upon entering the Jail in San Diego we served the documents on the defendant, but because of a security situation inside the jail no one answered the phone once service was complete. This left the server to wait several hour inside the holding area of the Jail as guards were not answering the phones to buzz the server out of the secure area. Because these difficulties are common we do charge an additional fee for process serving on these institutions in San Diego. When serving any of these institutions it is common place to have to wait several hours to get access to serve the individual, have to make several return trips to the prison as the prison may have conflicting schedule or have to schedule service through their legal office which may take extensive calls and time on our side.

Although these situations can very the good news with serving an individual in Jail or Prison is that they cannot evade service. Generally all these services are completed as long as the institution is co-operative and the inmate does not have a closely running release date. Often these individuals may not have been living at a regular location or sometimes have been homeless making these services important and vital to our clients.

Often the difficulties mentioned above in San Diego can also be increased when the person we are serving is not an inmate, but an employee of a Jail or Prison. Although most of these institutions have proceeds for service of process and process servers they are not always followed. On several occasions we have had great difficulty serving an employee of an institution, because of fellow staffs attempts to protect them. This includes denial of access to entry or making the process blatantly difficult for the process server to complete the service. The good news is that all of these services have always been completed, generally it just becomes a question of how difficult they are to get done. Most Jails and Prisons in San Diego have a legal department that can accept service on behalf of an individual and often eventually do. If they don’t and we can’t get personal service we can often either contact a supervisor, or supervising agency or do substitution service if the documents allow for it.

Contact us today to find out more about the service you are attempting to complete at a Jail or Prison and how we can help you get it done!


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