10 November 2015

Process Server or Sheriff?

Process server or Sheriff?

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Getting legal documents to the designated recipient isn’t as simple as mailing them, you need a legal representative to deliver them and make sure they are accounted for. There are two ways to go about this, using a county sheriff or a process server, the difference between the two can be noted through speed of service, customer service, as well as knowledge of laws, success rate, and average cost.
A process server’s job is to serve legal documents, while sheriffs often have other things going on, as a result process servers get the job done faster nine out of ten times.
Process servers also compete for business just like any other industry, and thrive on satisfied clients who give them return business and good word of mouth recommendations, whereas sheriffs are doing a courtesy that’s not in their usual job description when they accept the task of serving legal documents. This gives process servers the upper hand when it comes to customer satisfaction.
When it comes to knowledge of laws in this specific field, process servers also have the advantage over sheriffs more often than not. This is because process servers specialize in this type of legal knowledge, similar to a lawyers, while sheriffs have more of a focus of criminal and traffic laws.
The success rate of process servers compared to sheriffs is also higher, going back to the first point of speed of service, sheriffs usually have other things to do and if the first try isn’t successful it may be some time before another attempt of service.
The average cost of service is where sheriffs do have the advantage, the average cost of a process server is $53.99 whereas a sheriff is only $39.58 (depending on location). While the cost may be cheaper, it is quality that you are paying for when paying to have legal documents served, and this is why process servers are always the better option.

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