24 February 2016

Most difficult locations for a Process Server in San Diego County

As a note eServe has served people and entities at all these locations, but we wanted to mention them as some of the most difficult facilities to serve. We have many strategies and unique approaches if you have you need a process server to serve someone at any of these locations.

  1. Any Naval facility in San Diego County is incredibly difficult to serve, because of their internal policy on process serving. The Navy’s internal policy for process serving in San Diego is that the individual being served, must be willing to meet and accept the documents from the server. If the individual lives on base and is not willing this process can almost become impossible. Further individuals who are on deployment can only be served when they come back from deployment on a ship. This is complicated further as the Navy does not give out return dates for these individuals so you must continue asking till the ship returns.
  2. All military contractor facilities in San Diego County are incredibly difficult to serve an individual with documents. Most of the large complexes and facilities have armed private security at the gates and entrances which will often prevent any server from entering. They don’t accept documents on anyone’s behalf and often don’t allow the process server to enter the facility to speak to human resources or call the individual to come to accept the documents.
  3. Any port in San Diego has become difficult to serve as well. With recent increases in risk from terrorism many ports have upped their security to a point that makes it nearly impossible to speak to anyone face to face. Many facilities now just have a security gate with a speaker and no guest are allowed without previous clearance.
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