17 February 2016

More changes at San Diego Superior Court Small Claims Department

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Unfortunately there have been continued cut backs at the Small Claims Department in downtown San Diego. Some of these seem to be focused on freeing up staff while others continue to frustrate us and the public as they seem to make no sense. Please be aware of the following changes before making a trip downtown;

1. You must take a number for any service now, you can no longer go to the cashier to pull files directly, or files proofs of service over the counter they will simply ask you to pull a number.

2. Filing proofs has become supremely complicated, on a recent visit talking with small claims clerks it seems they are now only entering the proof of service into the register of actions and the file 5-7 days before the hearing. They claim this is due to being short staffed, but these proofs have all been filed in boxes per their date and are constantly organized for to the date. We asked the clerks doesn’t it take longer to organize these by date and then later file them in their case files and have to enter them in the register of actions rather than just skip the initial task? We were told we could enter a comment in the comment box for the court.

Please note this last issue will complicate things as your proof of service may not appear in the register of actions until 5 days before your hearing. It also becomes increasingly important that you have your conformed copy on the day of your hearing for small claims as this system will increase the likelihood of your filing being lost at the San Diego Superior Court.

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