12 November 2015

How to Deal with Evading Service

Evading Serviceserver

In the process serving business there are some people who will go to great lengths to avoid being served, this is commonly known as evading service.

Generally, individuals who are evading service know that they are being served, and will not answer the door. However, there are ways to catch them outside their house and properly serve them.

Social media is an effective tool for learning the individual’s whereabouts other than their home. More often than not a little bit of online research will reveal where they are frequently located.

One of the best ways to find the individual is obtaining employment information, it’s hard for someone to evade service at work and it can be quite easy to find out what their job is and where it is located.

The most recommended way to effect service too an individual who is evading is to do a stake out. You can serve them on their way out of the house whether it be to work, the grocery store, or even just taking out the trash. Most of the time when an individual refuses to answer the door for a process server and a stake out is initiated, the job is successful, as people have to leave the house sooner or later. A stake out is however more expensive to preform but it is worth the extra cost for a higher success rate.

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