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eServe San Diego is a Nationwide Process Serving Company based in San Diego California. We cover the entire Country, but our main focus is California and our roots of where this Company began are in San Diego. We work directly with Law Firms and Small Businesses across the State of California. Many of our clients are not based out of San Diego, but continually rely on our services for all their Nationwide Process Serving needs. Our years of experience and reputation in the industry has been built by the demanding landscape of our industry.

Our primary focus in San Diego is process serving, but we also offer a variety of other services. This includes location services for hard to find individuals, Statewide filing services  and stake-outs and other creative process serving techniques for difficult to serve individuals. eServe’s primary goal is to provide the best possible product and service to our clients. This means our pricing is setup to offer discounts based on volume work and added benefits to clients who have extensive work of the same type.

Our process servers are highly trained, many have worked in the industry for decades. Our work side by side with Law Firms staff have provided us with a unique approach to the process serving industry. We attempt to be on the cutting edge of technology, using the latest forms of communication and software to offer our clients the best turnover and production of product times. We believe the need for constant innovation in our industry is necessary as the Legal Industry in California is a changing landscape. With the ease and dominance of efiling across California, we want to offer the best possible affordable service while at the same time focusing on what our clients need.

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